As my husband so diplomatically put it….”it all depends on your perception of NUDE”.

This month on the self portrait challenge site, we are being asked to post self portraits in the theme of “nude“. Hmmmm, having a photographer for a husband means that I do have a selection of tasteful images at my disposal…. some of which actually adorn (is that the right word???) the gallery wall of our library/music/computer room. A little daunting when visitors come to play, but anyhoooooo!

When I think of the word nude I think striped bare, naked and raw. I think of feeling exposed and vulnerable and not neccessarily without clothes. When I looked up the definition of NUDE though, it most definately refers to being without clothing and I guess that’s what the folk at SPC are after….. photos of tasteful nudity. So, I tried! I tried to follow all the rules and took the photo myself – do you know how stupid it feels to take a nude photo of yourself and then to sift through them to pick out the most appropriate (thank goodness for digital is all I can say!)

That done, I can now get on with the other stuff…. sometimes one just has to be a bit brave!

My artwork has all been busily chugging along inside my head of late. I seem to have found myself working at the shop alot and having no time in the studio. My regular Altered Book group (lets call it that for lack of a better name at this stage) ran again last Friday. We had a great day playing with paper monoprints – a technique that was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors quite some time ago. Then on Tuesday, my “photo transfer” workshop ran! The girls came and conquered a number of new techniques (for them) and left excited to be able to use them with their chosen media – this group seemed to be textile focussed and I expect to see a number of Sandra Meech style quilts appearing soon! Yesterday, I filled in for Cath who sadly had to have her gorgeous puss Sookie put to sleep. Sookie, despite her name, was one tough little cookie – she’ll be missed. And of course today was my normal work day so no art….. Oh my, this weekend is going to be busy in my little (freezing cold) studio!

I’ve bravely (????) gone ahead and put in a submission to exhibit in the Papermakers “its only a paper moon” exhibition at the end of July….. no doubt you’ll see the progress as it progresses!!!

Think of me braving the cold down there in my newly sorted and rearranged but not quite finished to impecable standards studio this weekend!


ps does anyone have any helpful hints for walking a staffy that thinks she needs to pull me along like she’s a reindeer or a sled dog in a race? I’ve tried to tell her its not Christmas and it doesn’t seem to work much….

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3 Responses to Naked….

  1. Cristina says:

    Hi, I thought it was very difficult to take a nude photo for this month’s challenge too!

    But at least you got to do it. And did it in a great way!

    (I still have one week to try, right?)


  2. Mim says:

    This is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. enchantedcurious says:

    Wow. wow wow wow wow. Why haven’t i seen this before ?
    x mandy

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