a birthday of favourite things….

Mutual admiration society

This is the earliest photo I can find of me, the earliest that is clearly dated on the back, in my mum’s handwriting, I was eighteen days old. I love this one – the stripy red blinds in the background, the “old” bottle and the matching red and white striped mat on the bench. And most of all, dad’s smile….. wow, I was adored!

My birthday has been lovely – thank you for all my lovely msgs and phone calls and for this funny video, from my far away friend…

I woke up thinking of favourite things and remembered very fondly birthday afternoon teas with my grandma. I can’t find a photo, but Grandma used to buy me a beautiful dress each year, generally bought from “Georges”, and would dress me up in shiny black patent leather shoes and take me, by tram to the Windsor Hotel in Spring Street Melbourne for Afternoon Tea. I remember the tea trolley, the sound of it being wheeled towards our table, the cake stand stacked high with delicacies such as fruit custard tarts and lamingtons. I remember having a penchant for strawberry tarts! Every year it was Grandma’s treat. I’d love to go back there again….. sigh

They don’t look like much, but boy are they my favourites!!! Hand knitted by my great grandfather and lovingly folded into grandma’s then mum’s knickers draw…. I love them so much I can’t keep them folded and unworn and if you look carefully at the toe area of the sock on the right hand side, you’ll see that I even taught myself the ancient art of darning, and have repaired them once (I know, they need another fixing!!!! – the bottoms are worse….) These socks, and another pair I have, are the WARMEST, most comfortable socks ever. I’m a boot-wearing girl so the fact that I have them on, under the finest of fine clothing (those who know me well will conjure pictures only of jeans at this point!!!) will not offend anyone. I wear them everywhere! Don’t feel pity…. I have a million and one other pairs of perfectly fine socks in my drawers, just none so comfy!

Tim Winton is another favourite. That man can write….. oh boy! I started with “Cloudstreet” way back when I lived in Fremantle (which by the way is where Tim lives with his family) and can’t get enough. Tim writes literature. Not just any old read, his books take you along for the most descriptive “australian” ride. I’m lusting after his new book, can’t wait to get my grimy little hands on a copy… (all my other Tim Winton books are in a box – todays job…..)

If only I could find my beautiful pearls that I know I have put somewhere safe…. When asked “diamonds or pearls”, I will always answer without hesitation PEARLS….

And some favourite friends. Thank you all for sharing my birthday with me.

Mandy and Baby (Shanti) (beautiful photo by Gary)

Miss Molly

Sarah and Jordan (another beautiful photo by Gary)

and Hooper, clearly enjoying his Babycino…. as usual!

And of course, my Gary….

It’s not just me who likes the look of the Dromana pier in my photos…. How nice to have a wedding shoot to watch on my birthday!!!

As my birthday falls on the last day of Autumn, I insisted on meeting the sunset once more this year. Gary and I sat and watched as the last autumn sun dropped down below the horizon, making it’s way to you on the other side, to warm you for another day while we rest our weary birthday heads!


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5 Responses to a birthday of favourite things….

  1. ro bruhn says:

    Happy Birthday Samm, you lucky lady, if I could be just one age permanently it would be 36. You certainly don’t look it either, I thought you were in your twenties. It must be your smiling, happy personality.

  2. mandy says:

    Wow. … how much does Stu look like your dad.
    ps bep/12*00
    from Shanti2=0..

  3. Nic Hohn says:

    HI Samm, happy birthday! How special those sunsets look! ps. I came via Misty’s blog to visit a fellow Australian artist…how funny is that!

  4. Jacky says:

    What a lovely birthday post, I hope you had a very happy birthday (even though I am very late !!!).
    It is lovely to see someone enjoying their special day…

  5. hello darling girl-happy missed birthday to you-thankyou so much for today-you made my heart beat so fast-im just so happy we talked -have a great weekend- singing and skipping-jo anderson. x x x x x

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