a little about me and my family

i am samm. samm i am.


i entered the world of blog and haven’t looked back!

i live on the beautiful mornington peninsula with


my funny husband gary. he keeps himself very busy as the cellar door manager at Red Hill Estate vineyard and in his spare time he strums his guitar, sings songs at the local muso night and entertains the mornington peninsula via 3RPP community radio station. If you live locally, tune in on a Wednesday afternoon from 1 – 3 to hear Gary and Laurie – you’re guaranteed a HUGE laugh!

Gary and I share our lives with


Dave the Golden Retriever.

Dave took a full FOUR years to turn into what I can now call a remotely socially acceptable member of our family. Although, he still has his moments (full water bowl, big hoofy back foot, into full water bowl, wet kitchen floor and wet footprints all through loungeroom where Dave retreated to as I yelled, LOUDLY….). The burps and farts are also not so exciting but really, who wouldn’t love that face???

Rest gently Dave the Golden Retriever

06/05/02 – 09/02/08

We miss you Mr Hoofa xo



Dave’s best friend is


Miss Tilly Tupence.

Some would say that she is the most spoilt Staffy in the world. I would disagree… till I’m blue in the face. I’m her mother – I’m allowed to. And, this is MY blog…not Gary’s!

Tilly thinks


that Chickee wants to play… hmmm. Cats have sharp claws and are much smarter than crazy staffy dogs!

Anyway, we all live in a relatively calm household (?).

I call myself an artist. It took me a while to do so but I guess it’s a more relevant description than anything else I’ve come up with! I love a great variety of media but get most satisfaction out of my photography, paper and textile works. I am constantly learning, mostly through teaching myself but also through some amazing artists that I have come to know via my blogging. My blogroll grows constantly so feel free to check out some of my favourites. Recently I have been interested in the works of Gustav Klimt and Hundertwasser. I’m working on my knowledge of their histories. I also love the work of Mirka Mora.

I hope you enjoy my blog!



13 Responses to a little about me and my family

  1. jimbo(dad) says:

    I have a very talented daughter. well done!

  2. Anita Marie says:

    She certainly is Jimbo!

  3. I’m eagerly waiting to hear about what drives your art and why you paint/photograph/create what you do. What inspires? How do you get over creative block? Do you have rituals in preparing your work?
    Already I like your style of writing and your photos. Keep it up.
    Art is eternal; Life is short

    Ars longa; vita brevis.

    Thanks for looking at my blog

  4. Nanette Balchin says:

    Hi Sammy
    You enquired about Wrapt in Rocky, THere are still places in the Keith Lo Bue class. At the moment my email is playing up so can you send me your phone number to call re the class. Mine is 07 49393885.
    THanks Nanette

  5. Julia, the American cousin says:

    You know, one goes through life reading about fantastically, artistic folk. If you are lucky, perhaps you get to meet one who has encountered fame and wealth on account of their talents. Picasso, Maxwell, If you are supremely lucky, you will have not one, but two, exquisitly gifted artists in your family. Such is my case. Gary, my first cousin, and his absolutely fabulous wife, Samm, are my “two such wonderful people.” Knowing them is a gift. And a lesson on how life should really be lived. As we in the “parker” lineage have all said, “they have figured it out.” What is that, you may ask? They have figured out the secret to a happy life. If you have met then or know them, then you know what I am talking about. They are, in a word, lovely. And, I am better for knowing them and look forward to spending more time in their presence.

  6. Kylie says:

    Hi Samm!! This is my first time on your blog – I just love your photos! Sorry haven’t been in touch for ages & hope you guys are happy :). We are all great – no recent sightings of that green swimsuit of late tho. Love Kylie xxxx

  7. Kitty says:

    Hello Samm,
    I have just found your comment on my blog, thanks for all the nice things you said it is stunning to know someone is actually looking at it? I started the blog because I am very isolated here in the mountains, not that I am complianing this really is the stuff to go with for me when I work; total solitude and heaps of clay! My husband has just started with a new design office in Granada so he is off every morning and not back until 8 in the evening, he is only 2 weeks in but i think he is starting to see the error of his meglamania and wish he was still up the mountain with me.
    Your life looks great and so does Gary’s, my guy and I are planning a global trip hopefully for next year so maybe we will see you, I hope so. I have family in NZ and good friends in Sydney and Andrew has contacts galore down your way. We did talk about hiring a couple of Harleys and touring for several weeks! That would be great.
    Mail me back on my address above, I still can’t find gary on the radio??? http://www.studioslipware.com

  8. Kitty says:

    I just found your link to the radio station. I have got to get up and listen at 5.00 in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is quite early and possably impossible but i will try tell Gary.

  9. iamsamiam says:

    Pleased to meet you another Sam!

  10. Fee says:

    Kia ora Samm,
    Love the blog site ~ it made me laugh & a little teary to read of your life adventures (so far). I can hear your voice thru the words – always excited & bubbly!!! Absolutely beauttiful memories of your mum, she was always so cheery & never forgot a thing you told her, no matter how long the time was between catch ups. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY for the 31st, I hope it was wonderful for you. We’re in NZ for a few years ~ do you get our e-mails?!?

  11. Jonas Jonaitis says:

    As my grandma used to say “O tempora, o mores!” – cannot use sarcasm over this.

  12. Hi Samm
    I am imspired by the work and energy that you are putting into your blogging comittments. Thank you for sharing, and I look forward to following you.

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