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a bit of respect

today i learnt a quiet lesson.  as i listened to my desperate friend on the phone, i heard her speak of conflict, of family confusion and fear.   and of others perceptions of what is right for her. i try so … Continue reading

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my spirit

  A slumber did my spirit seal; I had no human fears: She seem’d a thing that could not feel The touch of earthly years.   No motion has she now, no force; She neither hears nor sees; Roll’d round … Continue reading

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it’s all a matter of trial and error

the current issue of cloth paper scissors magazine is amongst my favourites.  already, after bringing it home only last wednesday, it has taken on that “loved” look, a well perused feel, pages that open automatically and stay open even after … Continue reading

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i don’t know why…

recently, i’ve been thinking about my mums hands.  when i look down at my own hands, i see an almost mirror image of mum’s long fingers, funny sunspots and fingernails – even my funny middle nail of my right hand, … Continue reading

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meet the girls

I’d like you to meet Astrid.   Astrid, meet my friends…   The observant amongst you will notice that she has a pin in her head – that’s me being impatient again… still got to do some gluing and dressing! Auntie, however … Continue reading

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i’m not good at being patient…

Oh I’ve been sooooo busy.   I’ve thrown myself way, way, way in at the deep end and embarked on a three day doll making workshop with the amazing Pam Grose (here’s a link to an online shop that her patterns … Continue reading

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those promised photos…

Here are the photos I promised from our trip to the Healesville Sanctuary .  I must credit my hubby Gary for these ones, mind you, he was using MY camera!!! A Barking Owl.  One of the “true owls” that we have here in Victoria. She was … Continue reading

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