in the name of art

“family moon” is on it’s way….. earnest work has begun, adversity in the form of a freezing cold studio will hopefully blossom into a piece for exhibition in late July for the Papermakers.

For now, some images which display the lengths I’ll go to to achieve great height….

I know it’s not very clear, but that would be a licking attack of Staffy proportions!

and not content to stay on the floor, she felt that a soft, comfy cushion from which to advise the photographer would be best….

she IS oh so helpful you know!

We did get the results we were seeking…. an experiment in patience though. Normally the photographer has the image in his head that he wants to achieve but this time it was me who needed a certain image and after a bit of photoshop manipulation i nearly have it….

I’ve transferred the image using a transparency and gel medium method (quite economic as I managed to get three usable images from the one print).

I did have a bit of a play with the photographers choice too….


ps did anyone else hear the magnificent rain last night?

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2 Responses to in the name of art

  1. misty says:

    i love these photos!!!!!!!!!! so cool!
    we had a rain storm last night…it was wonderful.
    missing you. xoooo

  2. ro bruhn says:

    These are wonderful Samm, very creative. I heard the rain too and we still have some this morning.

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