off the loom



shifu… wool warp, paper weft


shifu detail

shifu detail

the colour on the end of this piece was derived from humble onion skins and the dregs of my morning plunger coffee…


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2 ply bendigo wool warp, paper weft…
i’m in heaven!

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Ready to weave


I finally got the opportunity to visit the lovely Amanda yesterday. I took my new/old loom, Mirabelle, with me so Amanda could help me to warp her up. This was a huge learning day for me and it took ages just to get the warp on and ready to weave.

Once the Teksolv heddles were attached we started to wind the warp…


Luckily, Amanda has a winding mill… 100 warp threads, or ends, in order to weave an 8 inch piece (we rounded the number of ends up to the closest 10, it should have been 96), meant a lot of yarn to wind! We decided on a 7 metre warp of a 2ply Bendigo yarn in white. The seemingly endless warp length just means that I’ll be weaving for a while before I need to return to Amanda for help again!!!


I learnt how important it is to maintain the “cross”… (Amanda became a hand model for this photo!!!)


…how to sley the reed


and thread the heddles.


Warp all tensioned, a job that really is made easier with the help of a friend, and I’m all ready to start weaving.

This Internet world really is an amazing place. I found Amanda by googling the name of the maker of my loom and discovered that she had recently assisted another soul with warping exactly the same loom. Amanda has been so so generous with her time and information sharing. She directed me to Petlins so that I could purchase a few bits and pieces for Mirabelle, she’s emailed me and we’ve spoken over the phone about issues I wasn’t sure about and then, sight unseen, she invited me to her home where she fed me a delicious bowl of soup and put aside 5 hours to help me get started with my weaving on this loom. Good, old fashioned, friendly helpfulness… Thank you thank you thank you Amanda!!! You’re a ripper!

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task master


today was a day to get things done…

the list got longer but by home time there were only a couple of tasks left to carry over to tomorrow.

happy productive days!

and on a different note…

this was ALMOST enough to put an end to my month long (so far) detox (there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, la la la la, I can’t see you…..)


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drop spindles

from this…


to this…


i’m concerned about my sanity levels


isn’t this what every kitchen window looks like?


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I started at 0900 this morning…


I carefully pulled everything apart, keeping all the bits and bobs together so nothing got lost.
I placed everything down, as if I were breaking down a gun (apparently that’s the way to keep things in order! First piece off, place it furthest away. Next piece, next closest… And so on. Just in case I need to do this again, in the dark, in the jungle….)


I started sanding…


and sanding….


Until all 14 pieces of beautiful old hardwood were free of old stain and grime.


I applied a coat of Danish oil to the very thirsty timber and began re-piecing my puzzle.


Now all she needs is for me to buy a couple of new, longer than the old ones, screws so that I can place the new 12dpi reed into the beater….

It’s all very exciting!

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tension smension…


new warp, handspun wool
new weft, handspun paper

off the loom, approx 600mm long, 80mm wide

another patch for another project


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