Filofax Deskfax

Today I tried my new Deskfax in the “real world”! And I think I love it…

I’m a Project Co-ordinator and Lead Artist in the Disability Arts sector. Formally, on paper, I co-ordinate 5 ongoing programs/projects. In reality, that number can be anywhere between 5 and 15 at any given time. And all in a 7 day work fortnight! Some are ongoing but the extras are generally once off, short term projects.

I’d add my “home” projects to the number but I may cry…

So today, after my usual “pep up” productivity podcast commute (have you got a favourite productivity podcast?), I sat at my desk and used the first bit of my morning to get organised.

I consider myself to be quite organised at work. I use a personal sized Filofax with day on 2 page inserts and I have action plan style project plans for each project. Until this week, I have been using an A5 Leuchtturm notebook for all my lists and notes ETC. I try to keep my email inbox to a manageable level and use the flags in Outlook to keep on track. My friends say I’m organised. My Instagram account is @theorganisedbusdriver because my art school mates used to come to me to find out where we were supposed to be heading each day! I was the only student with a visible diary of any description!!! An organised artist… who knew?!?! And now I’ve added a black Kensington Deskfax to my arsenal!

So, back to today… I’ll let the photos explain.

First thing, I did a brain dump and “sweep” of all my unfinished task lists and my email inbox. I designated them all to the appropriate project…

Next I went through all my action plans and assigned the tasks from my master list onto the appropriate plan. Where there wasn’t a plan, I created a new one, and even ended up with one that now holds the general type tasks that don’t belong to any particular project. I’ve called that one “General AAV” (AAV is the organisation I work for).

Finally, I scheduled the tasks out into my planner for the upcoming week. I noted each “start” date in the action plan with the intention of closing the week by updating the end date, and status of each task in the digital version of these plans.

The one thing that I didn’t get a chance to do, but will do tomorrow, is to create a timeline on a monthly insert for each project. I plan to work backwards from the end date (where necessary for short term projects) and create blocks of time for each required task for the remainder of this year.

So now, I get to actually DO the tasks, but instead of feeling a bit panicky about whether I will achieve everything in the time I have, I have proactively planned my time so I KNOW I’ll achieve them! And you know what? If I don’t, there’s always that magic “forward facing” arrow that allows me to migrate the unfinished bits to next week! Phew!

And on my next day off, I’m going to sort out some dividers and make this Deskfax a little more visually appealing on the inside!

How do you use your Deskfax? How do you manage projects? Leave me a comment… I’d love to know how others do “project coordination”.

Thanks for reading :0)

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