my discbound planner

so i’ve been researching and researching and researching some more. watching countless youtube videos and searching through blogs and Facebook groups for the “perfect” planner that will suit my work needs.  most recently, i’ve been using my black a5 domino filofax, which has worked to a certain degree but when it comes to planning my art activities for groups, apparently size does matter!

recently, on one of my youtube forays, i spied a martha stewart discbound planner which sent me into a frenzy!  and here i was thinking that i was at “peace” with my filofax… ha!

having spent a BOMB on a new filo for my everyday planning – another story folks, i decided to put on my diy pants and see what i could come up with.

here she is…


an a4 sized, cobbled together, discbound system of sorts!  all from officeworks purchases.  the orange cover (also all the internal dividers) is a trimmed down manilla folder, the sunny flower that you see paper clipped up the top is a gift tag that i saved from the 70’s (yep, not joking) and the “beautiful” quote is a kikki k vision board quote.

i don’t (yet) have a specific disc bound punch so i just used my ordinary single hole punch and snipped from the edge of the pages through to the hole. simples. not perfect, but simples! oh and the discs? yes, well, apparently officeworks aren’t that far behind the 8-ball afterall and do stock a “colourhide” display book with miniaturised discs as the spine.  they are seriously teeny so thats why i’m keeping things minimal in my planner for now!  i just performed surgery on the folder, removed the discs and voila!

all my workshop planning pages and diary pages are in but i’ll beef things up over the next week…

i’ve taken internal photos but they are all around the wrong way (user error) so i think i’ll make a video instead! meanwhile, my staples order for larger sized ARC discs and zippy pouchie thingies should be on its way before too long… a video with all the things would be better than a half hearted attempt don’t you think?!



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