I started at 0900 this morning…


I carefully pulled everything apart, keeping all the bits and bobs together so nothing got lost.
I placed everything down, as if I were breaking down a gun (apparently that’s the way to keep things in order! First piece off, place it furthest away. Next piece, next closest… And so on. Just in case I need to do this again, in the dark, in the jungle….)


I started sanding…


and sanding….


Until all 14 pieces of beautiful old hardwood were free of old stain and grime.


I applied a coat of Danish oil to the very thirsty timber and began re-piecing my puzzle.


Now all she needs is for me to buy a couple of new, longer than the old ones, screws so that I can place the new 12dpi reed into the beater….

It’s all very exciting!

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2 Responses to Mirabelle…

  1. india says:

    i’ve had a warp on the board for two months now and haven’t managed to transfer it to my loom….and you’ve done all this in a day!

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