Last year, as a part of the sculpture componant of my diploma, I made a couple of tools that would assist me in producing my final body of work.

Now, I need a rigid heddle weaving loom so that i can produce “fabric”.

Being the practical person that I am, (thanks dad), i decided that rather than forking out cash that I don’t have, I’d make one!

Todays workings….



pattern making





locking dial thingies…




in situ




slotting bits together




more than halfway there


I purchased the “reed”.  Ashford sell reeds to fit their knitters and rigid heddle looms and I decided that rather than fiddling around with the neccessarily precise slots for the warp, I’d buy one and build my loom around it.  When finished, I should be able to weave “fabric” up to 50cm wide.

So, it’s not quite finished, but I’m feeling quite convinced that it will indeed be a much loved and useful piece of toolery* once im done!


*a piece of equipment that is so loved and used that it gets handed down generation after generation and in some cases, may end up exhibited in the greatest museums of the world.

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2 Responses to looming…

  1. india says:

    ha! another one caught in the web of weaving….

  2. sammiam says:

    ahhh weaving indeed dear India! i have been fascinated by weaving ever since I discovered that one of my ancestors was executed for rebelling against the introduction of the Industrial Revolution in Scotland! He was one of the now martyred four (the scottish rebels) Calton handloom weavers and was beheaded at Stirling castle in 1820.
    My work this year is incorporating it in a much more serious manner!

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