self portrait

there’s a story that goes with this print.

the reason I chose to study at chisholm tafe was due to a lot of encouragement to do so, over a number of years, by my dear, dear friend pamela, who passed away in 2011. on the day, in march this year, I started in the print room with heather (who was pamela’s teacher previously), i inadvertently pulled one of pamela’s old prints from a pile of sample prints. pamela’s print was a self portrait, and was a beautiful reminder that she was indeed somewhere, guiding me through my days at tafe. when i returned home that evening, it occurred to me that it was the first anniversary of pamela’s death… I suspect she may have been pretty busy visiting me on that day!!

fast forward to may. the month of my birthday. my 40th birthday.
as a celebration of my turning forty, i decided to cut a lino self portrait, referencing pamela’s self portrait that i had seen earlier in the year. i had every intention of printing this lino on the day of my birthday but time got away and it wasn’t until today that I cut the final lines and printed the print you see below.

so, with reference to and many happy, happy memories of my dear friend, this is “self portrait at forty after pamela farmer”


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3 Responses to self portrait

  1. Pelican1 says:

    This really is quite a striking and lovely image.

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