im stuck for words

im stuck for ideas

8 paintings between now and june 20th for assessment

ideas flit in and out of my head –

G – “why dont you write them down?”

me – “cos i’d be writing constantly and i have to sleep, eat and work sometime!”

i cant seem to turn them into paintings from ideas…

i read something quite beautiful this morning and can picture quite a lovely painting as a result….

BUT…. it all turns to muck when i try to paint it….

its much easier to press the shutter release button….

any ideas?



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8 Responses to stuck

  1. Margaret says:

    If you want to do art, just start.

  2. Margaret says:

    On second thoughts, that sounds a bit abrupt, which is not what was intended. It’s what I say to myself when I’m procrastinating. Now I do “warm ups”, just doodling leaves which always gets me going.
    Start anything art related and you’ll find it will lead you into creativity. Good luck!

  3. I get angry when l can take the image with my camera but can’t transfer it into paint…!!! Sometimes l turn the image upside down and try and just look at image and then paint what l see. I use the colours from the image and then try and paint an image similar but not the same..if you see what l mean. I often try and paint something totally different and then come back to image l want to paint. Don’t know if that will help but don’t let your anger stop you painting…..Often if l read something and l want to paint that “feeling” it works, other times l try too hard…frustration sets in and l get even more frustrated. When that happens …l go and do something else….normally a cup of tea and a cake!Haxxxxlynda

  4. indiana says:

    try beginning the painting with your eyes covered …

  5. Roxanne says:

    I have always wanted to paint but never know where to start! How about taking a picture and turning it upside down and using either the shape or colour scheme & paint it into something different? A little Mr Squiggle inspired?

  6. Moana Kidd says:

    Hi! Um… I am assuming you are not in Manila and do not need $1000 cash right now and your email account has been hacked. It’s sending out a link to your blog in the email asking for money.


  7. Jenni jones says:

    Hi Sammie, I recieved an email supposedly from you asking for money to get you back from the philipines. I don’t know if someone has hacked your email or blog, but felt I should alert you to let you know what is going on.

  8. kitty says:

    Have you got a computer virus? I received a really odd e mail from you last night, title; “Awful Trip!” Kitty

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