and speaking of regular services…


imagine my surprise (?) when we students of the “diploma of visual arts” were asked to start a blog to discuss the culture of contemporary arts…

so….. i have done this and keeping in mind that this new blog forms the whole of my “art history” assessment, i’d be more than happy if there is anyone out there in art blog land who is moved/compelled to add a comment relating to the post and or contemporary art theorum.  could be fun! who knows!!!

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3 Responses to and speaking of regular services…

  1. um..sounds interestingxxx

  2. indiana says:

    holy cats. good luck. will they give marks to the comments as well?

  3. sammiam says:

    interesting is one way to put it lynda! actually, it i am ok with it – its a great way to complete a subject without having to attend classes. my group is an evening class so we are relatively limited for time – all the students are mum’s and/or have full time jobs so our 2 4hr even classes are all they can fit in. the blog will be fun if not a bit daunting!
    india – marks for comments would be lovely! we are really only expected to blog approx 250 words to each “prompt”. i just thought that as i have a number of art friends, any lively debate or comment would be insightful and would add to the conversation and also add to my learning. its the language (art theories etc) that they are after, the identification of and the appropriate use of it in particular. anyhoo…. we’ll see how we go!!! im looking forward to comparing my first blog post to my last at the end of the year and seeing how “wanky” i’ve got in the process!!! apparently by the end of the year i should be able to hold a conversation in ANY artists’ circles………………

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