scrumping for beagles and other wonderous things


i went out

this afternoon

to collect my husband from work

and came home with a stray beagle

(who has since been identified and is waiting at the local vet for her owners to return home from work)

and approximately

ten kilos of yummy windfall apples

these are destined to become

apple butter

worcestershire sauce


apple and mint chutney

and some sort of apple pie arrangement… (there are some very delish looking blackberries not far from here that would make the perfect pie accompaniment)

a generous gift of homegrown tomatoes from various friends has been boiled

and “moulied” into

grandma’s tomato ketchup recipe

and somewhere along the way

a beautiful “rose moon” appeared in the sky

things continue to chug along at sages

and all the while

i continue to serve delicious food at steam restaurant in rye (no website yet…)

hope your days are filled with happiness

and that your journeys, wherever they may be taking you

are gentle…


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3 Responses to scrumping for beagles and other wonderous things

  1. indiana says:

    nice moon[s]
    and droolworthy foodpix

  2. I am just hungry just reading thisxxwhat a lot of work but very rewarding my friendxx

  3. sammiam says:

    thanks lovelies… xo

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