catching up with the goings on…

there’s always stuff happening here!

work 4 nights a week at the new asian restaurant “steam” in rye has kept me very busy and out of trouble in the real world.

i’ve assisted my favourite photographer to beautifully capture a selection of Pamela’s textile work for an upcoming profile article in Textile magazine.

ive combed some beaches…

and the start of my artist residency at sages cottage has been great.

i am so lucky to be able to call the beautiful historic property in baxter my studio for the next 6 weeks. click here for my blog documenting the residency or click on the page at the top of this blog titled “mapping country”.¬† this blog will also form the online/multimedia component of the greater “mapping country” project, which is my contribution to the Peninsula Festival of Arts and Ideas and is due to culminate in an exhibition in October this year.

i continue to collaborate with many other very talented and lovely like minded folk over at “found, stitched and dyed”
some of whom visit once a month to sit in a circle and stitch…

and other art projects bubble and brew away in the background waiting to be revealed soon…

happy days



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