thomas keith…


with the informed verbal consent of his parents

id like to introduce you to

thomas keith menzies

thats me, his very proud auntie, who rushed up to town this morning just to make sure he was real, holding him!

and here are his beaming parents…

i’ll be raising a glass tomorrow…

to stuie and jules and thomas

happiness and joy


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3 Responses to thomas keith…

  1. Congrats to all..what an amazing Christmas present. His parents look so happy..well done mumxxlyndax

  2. I know you have deleted your last entry…l am sending love to try and cheer you upxx life is hard some times and you can’t see the end but keep strong. I am sure you will be ok as you are such a taslented person. lynda

  3. Many congratulations!!
    What a beautiful baby (and family!)

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