causes for celebration

1. i’m an auntie!

thomas keith menzies born this afternoon at 3.27

(i’d insert a photo but i dont have his parent’s permission to do so.  you’ll just have to imagine a 9pound something, beautiful bubby boy!!)

2. i opened my tafe results yesterday and found three d’s next to my three subjects…. that’s d for distinction… hmmm still reeling!!!

3. my trees are shedding their bark – beautiful chunky bark destined for the pot – and i noticed the viminalis down the road is ready to lose a layer too – i’ll be gathering that before the neighbours bin it!

4. 2011 promises to be a year of much…


ps should you be interested in following me and some fellow stitchers on our travels with textiles, click HERE!


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One Response to causes for celebration

  1. India says:

    how delightful [good thing you didn’t lose any sleep on the 13th]
    young Tom celebrates with the Emperor of Japan [tis the official emperor’s birthday!]


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