its pouring opportunities here!


some days all i can do is shrug my shoulders, look skywards and thank “life, the universe and everything”

yesterday, three, yep, THREE new opportunities were served up to me on a platter

an invitation to exhibit in may, a request for my workshops at a new local site and an invitation followed by strong encouraging words to submit a proposal for an artist in residence position all the way over the other side of this wide not so brown anymore land

all three opportunities are just that at this stage, opportunities for me to grasp and take hold of.  so, i will and i’ll let you know when things are finalised

2011 – the year of being incredibly busy!!

and sooner, rather than later…

tomorrow i begin my “artist in residence” thingie at Sages Cottage in Baxter – i’ll be there from 1100am till 100pm doing a basic feltmaking demonstration… come on down if you’re around (amongst other things, the cottage cafe serves lovely devonshire teas)



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3 Responses to its pouring opportunities here!

  1. India says:

    well done dear heart
    delighted for you

  2. Congrats on your future endevours. A friend of mine oftens says to ” put out on the ether that you are free for work and wait”..xxxlynda

  3. sammiam says:

    thanks ladies! the ether certainly works lynda – it pays to be positive! xo

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