feeling like an artist!


postcard sized textile art piece, mounted and presented in a 5×7 white frame

i’m learning the hard way, that being an artist can be tough! im not giving up yet…

my (now regular) once a month stall at Boneo was washed out the first time, better the second…

dont ask about the twilight market at richmond – lets just say that $5 doesnt buy you much these days!

last nights “invite to sell” Affordable Art Fair was also a wash out – pouring rain + street festival = poor attendance = next to no sales

my chin is held high, i think my art is nice!!! i am producing it from deep, deep down in my heart and soul and it is reflecting exactly what i want it to – earthy aussie colours combined with prints of significance (to me and others).

ive listed a couple of pieces on etsy, just to see what might be, my folio is ready for printing and i’ll be visiting a couple of local shops with it to see if they will take some work on consignment.

im excited to be building a new working relationship with a local historically significant site (cant say too much yet until things are a little more formalised) and ive booked an exhibition for july 2011.  im also working on a big proposal for an arts festival which is VERY exciting.  im always looking and chatting and very open to all opportunities that may come my way – i can’t carry huge, heavy dinner plates full of food for the rest of my life can i?!

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3 Responses to feeling like an artist!

  1. India says:

    you’re a brave lass. i’m hopeless at selling work. often finish up giving things to people
    because it is easier
    doesn’t pay the bills
    happily, a few nice people still turn up to workshops

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  3. Keep going although it is often hard work and you feel like” is it worth it?” I am hopeless at selling my Art ( although l can sell other people’s work!Hax) but l keep at it because my Art is me…if you see what l mean. I too, like India give my stuff away. I used to sell a lot of my Art when l lived all over the world but living in UK has proved difficult. BUT l will just keep trying. Your Art is interesting, don ‘t give upx lynda

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