clinging on…

when i mention, again, to you that i am considering another week or longer

with india….

please remind me that last time, it took over three days to start to return to some sort of normal

my week in mansfield was fantastic

i learnt, i met, i created, i dreamt, i shared, i loved, i lost, i cried

and now, im clinging desperately to the wonderful feeling of drifting between here and there

and take note that i am clinging desperately

thank you dear india

for the most intense week of inspiration and soul searching i have ever…


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3 Responses to clinging on…

  1. pamela says:

    Sam,your results are amazing .can you teach me some of your
    new methods.

  2. India says:

    am particularly enamoured of your skill at printing with dragonflies… 🙂

  3. Connie Wheeler says:

    Hi Samm,
    I too had a jolly good time at India’s Felt Quilt workshop up in Mansfield. So much inspiration from the beautiful surroundings and very talented attendees. It was great to catch up with India again and Denise who did the mapping workshop also. Please count me in for the Peninsula group. i’m looking forward to seeing your creations.


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