nelson street


i’m working on mapping “my” country – i cant think of another way of describing what i aim to achieve so for now i borrow the description as a “working title” from the indigenous community who have forever woven their country into their artwork and from the title of india’s workshop in mansfield next week and i’m sure from many others who have come before me!

by combining traditional printmaking methods, stitch and naturally dyed fabric, i am refining my dreams of describing places that are of significance to me and places that are sacred to me.  my work is informed by a lifetime love of (and education in) landcare and environmental issues, geography, history and genealogy and i am finally able to bring them all together to share and hopefully inform others of, amongst other things, issues of varying significance and places of importance and beauty.

the images below are the result of time spent with my dear friend pamela.  each and every stitch in this piece holds a meditation and a “prayer” directed towards her finding comfort during what has been a harrowing few days of extreme pain, critical illness and emergency surgery.  the prints describe the “topography” of her world….

“nelson street”
mixed textile, natural dyes, collograph
100cm x 25cm
botanical imprints on fabric – technique taught to me by India Flint while attending a workshop in 2009.
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3 Responses to nelson street

  1. Gary says:

    Well done Samm

  2. India says:

    it’s good to map things
    visual or experienced
    traversed, felt, thought
    see you soon

  3. Jill says:

    This is wonderful – love what you are doing here and will follow with avid interest. Synchronicity at its best, I am in the process of piecing together the ‘ground’ for my own textile map .
    Fabulous work Samm

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