counting down

linocut printed with “eucalyptus ink”, green acquired from the side of a favourite copper pot!


theres a couple of count downs happening here

firstly, count down to the end of term – my first term as an art student.  my first count down to an assessment in front of a panel of teachers.  at this moment, im strangely calm about the whole process but of course, i still have four weeks and this is not the night or hour before i have to stand up with my folio for printmaking, my folio for drawing and my 6 (thank goodness the number has been reduced from eight) paintings in front of that aforementioned panel and all my peers and present my work. gasp… its not the presentation that makes me gasp – give me a crowd anyday, its more the very personal nature of the “exhibition” – learning to be an artist who can stand strong whilst “bareing” her soul is a whole ‘nother thing. like i said…. gasp!

and secondly, count down to a week away from this madness!  smack bang in the middle of count down to the end of term, i’m headed off on a beautiful, wonderful, soul restoring adventure with india.  once again, in mansfield, like last year, but this time to make journals and marks on cloth for a whole five days… this count down is keeping me sane, keeping me breathing regularly.  i cant wait.  cant wait to spend more time with inda and her gentle wonderful teaching ways and cant wait to spend more time with my hands in a pot of dye trying out some new ideas.

counting down…. i can hardly believe there’s only 13 sleeps till mansfield, 28 till final assessment…. eek!

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One Response to counting down

  1. India says:

    am taking an extra vitamin B tablet and a deep breath in the hope of living up to this lovely glowing anticipation…

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