mixed emotions

tonight im feeling a strange mix of emotions.

i am reminded of one of my most favourite things about my nursing days… but i’m also sad that my friend is so unwell she required my help

this afternoon i visited a very unwell friend and as the sun started to slip down beneath the horizon and as she started to visibly grow tired, another friend of hers and i buzzed around like mother hens, preparing her for bed.  we filled her hot water bottle, fluffed her pillows, lit a nice smelling candle, straightened her sheets, assisted her into her jarmies and settled her under the covers.

as i left her room, blowing kisses as i went, the last thing i saw was her beautiful smile of absolute comfort and relief, her way of showing her thanks without knowing she was doing so.

that’s what i miss most about nursing – an extremely deep down, soul nurturing and satisfying feeling that my days work is done and that those in my care are completely at peace for the night.

sleep well dear friend, rest and build up the energy you’ll need for tomorrow


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