something a little bit different…

sometimes you just have to jump don’t you?

sometimes, all it takes is the simple act of taking a big, deep breath and having someone who is willing to give you a whirl.

when im asked “what do you do”, i generally call myself an artist who works with textiles and who teaches mixed media type projects.  what i would really like to add to that is the title of “community artist”.

not long ago, we (hubby and i) were commissioned to provide the artwork for a local business that is going through a state of change!  hubby has already had his work hanging on their wall for the past two years.  this is my opportunity to jump!

so, what follows are my initial sketches/characters for the wall i am “decorating”.  i started with the general “street art” theme and have gone “beachy” given the location and “feel” of the business.  we have been given free artistic rein – we meet the owner tomorrow to show concept plans and images.  i’m wanting to replicate the feel of an art wall in the city, somewhere like hosier lane or acdc lane in the melbourne cbd.  there’s a way to go, but here are some of my “critters” for the wall…..

will post the final concept plan tomorrow…. working on it now!


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