Anzac weekend

Facebook status update that was 1000 characters too long for facebook……

King Valley rocks, Gentle Annies rocks, Dalzotto wines REALLY rock as does Nonna Elena who works in cellar door, Paradise Falls kinda rocks, MIlawa Cheese factory rocks, people camping over the other side of the river letting off firecrackers scaring all the dogs that then knock over the precious red wine DONT rock, kids camping next to us are funny, man who snores in camp next to us – not so funny, husband falling out of bed at 130 in the morning last night HILARIOUS, three layers of clothes a beanie and drizabone – ROCKS, Tilly behaving herself impeccibly rocks, candlebark gum trees rock, sound of the KIng River full of water rocks, Whitfield pub closed down doesnt rock so much, long weekend ending tomorrow doesnt rock much either, being ready to go to bed at 7pm is funny but rocks too, Ainsley’s instant mediterranean cous cous with zucchini, mushrooms and haloumi and a glass or three of Chrismont Sangiovese rocks, headache in the morning – not rocking,cold air condensation out the nose and mouth while camping makes the experience all the more authentic , Mary the Mazda rocks whilst towing a camper trailer, the camper trailer rocks so much that we want one of our own, Gary’s new blundstone’s are muddy and therefore rock (he wanted me to put that one in), the Muse Gallery at the Milawa cheese factory is awesome and had some truly inspirational linocut and litho and etching prints, Graeme and Margaret at Gentle Annie’s rock….. hmmmm, think that’s it for now!

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One Response to Anzac weekend

  1. Mandy says:

    You so totally rock

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