how in heavens name can nearly a whole month have gone by since i last posted here? ridiculous!  let me catch you up with a selection of photos from the hundreds i seem to have accrued over this past month…

a visit to the red hill show….

oh how much id love a handful of these feathery friends clucking around our “suburban” front yard.

and the feathers of a somewhat different creature…

this guy pranced around the main arena during the grand parade… showing off to his adoring crowd.

if only our front yard was big enough for a clydie… sigh

a favourite dress worn to celebrate a favourite auntie’s 70th birthday…

worn with favourite red boots…. of course!

the morning after a late night arrival in Taggerty, to visit with Corey and the ponies….

and onto Porepunkah where the autumn colours are just starting to show

camped by the junction of the Buckland and Ovens Rivers, i made use of the colours of this particular country…

to come up with some pretty special magic….

(india flint’s “hot bundling” technique remains a favourite for a camping dye session)

i captured the inside of our funny little “house” using hipstamatic on my iphone….

and wondered why you’d ever want to leave the mountains….

home now and working on some textile pieces for the “red hill art” show later this month.

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One Response to reacclimatising

  1. india flint says:

    oooh nice work there…
    have you discovered the pseudo polaroid app
    for iPhone? is triff, complete with churning and clunking noise
    and shaking to develop

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