oh the things i would do

im dreaming of the day i can sit comfortably, upright, in a chair again… just any old chair will do, it doesn’t have to be a special one. in fact, the more normal, the better.

today, im dreaming of the things i’d do if only i could sit, comfortably again for more that 30 seconds….

in no particular order:-

id jump into the car and go for a long country drive

id sit at my office desk and sort things that need to be sorted

id set the dining room table and eat dinner, seated there instead of kneeling on a cushion on the floor

id visit mandy – balnarring is so close, but soooooo far at the moment

and pamela, id certainly visit her too, and we’d perch on all sorts of chairs around a fire while we bundled and dyed to our hearts content

id sit and stitch my quilt that is too big to stitch lying down

id ring each friend, one by one and have them come to my favourite cafe for coffee – at a table, not standing at the bar

id jump on a plane to visit a friend who i think needs a hug right now

id take the trip up to melbourne tonight to attend this show

id visit with beautiful jon and his fiance teddy who are here in melbourne from paris planning their wedding – im so sad i wont get to see them before their big day

id take the train up to melbourne to mooch – segovia, craft victoria, fitzroy gardens, maybe even visit the baby elephant at the zoo and maybe even shed a few tears at the pure innocent and animalistic nature of her beauty

but for now, im here, lying down and standing up, alot

id love to know what you’re doing, while sitting today…. and what style of chair are you doing it in?


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One Response to oh the things i would do

  1. enchantedcurious says:

    on the floor – back feeling sympathy…..

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