i’m working on a new idea for future artwork

this skin was developed using a custom brush in photoshop

im just learning

this brush is made from an image of one of my scans of my collage paper

unfortunately, the custom brush setting only lets me set the brush in greyscale

i really want the original colour of the image not this yucky yellow….

oh well, its all in the practice.

i used an old photo of some flowers for this one, cutting and pasting where necessary.

by shedding my old skin and replacing it with beautiful colour and artwork, i’m hoping my back will get better!

not to mention my artwork and digital skills!

this skin is hot and firey – the results of a days rust dying with a friend and a growing familiarity with photoshop

and finally for today…

a skin made of my hand dyed eucalypt silk – imagine how luxurious that would feel? and the smell!


these photos, to some, may seem a little “risque” but rest assured, i am comfortable with them – i publish all in the name of art conversation!

I’d love to know what you think, how do my photos make you feel? is there a line when it comes to a “family friendly” blog?


postscript:- i “hired” a favourite photographer for the original portraits so in order to claim complete ownership i’ll have a  play with setting the timer on my camera and the bathroom mirror during the week !

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4 Responses to skin

  1. Jill says:

    not risqué at all as far as i am concerned. i think they are beautiful – it is wonderful to see you learning the how tos and take us along on the path with you – i learn too that way 🙂 . art it most definitely is – using our bodies as the canvas is a long held woman tradition – i am thinking of photographers who have used self-portraiture to examine and create debate around a number of issues, think Jo Spence (UK) in the 70’s/80’s and her photographic work which explored her having breast cancer and the removal of her breats – it was hard to view but so enlightening and thought provoking. seems to me you are on a brave path here,one which i feel privileged to share.

    • sammiam says:

      Jill thank you for your regular supportive comments on my blog. i really appreciate your words, especially the ones to this particular post. i am excited about this concept too – just to work out how to make it exhibition standard and interest now! i’ll do some research – hadnt heard of Jo Spence – will look her up today. cheers Samm ps are u still posting on soul food cafe somewhere. i’ve been out of the loop and am not sure where everybody is hiding these days… xo

  2. ro bruhn says:

    Great to see you’re back blogging again Samm. It’s good to catch up. Hope you’re settled into your new home.
    I don’t think your photos are risque especially after the photo shoot at the Opera House the other day. The technique you’re using looks very interesting.

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