dual occupancy

dual occupancy

my treatment preferences involve a cat kneading my soul and a dog, always by my feet…

this evening, as i lie here on the couch waiting for the panadeine forte and prescription anti-inflammatories to kick in, i find myself so, so thankful for friends.

for friends who persist with advice that they believe in strongly and who are willing to go out of the way to make sure that that advice is taken and who use small, business card sized reminders that they are “present” and will be for sometime, for friends who think about the things that might be needed like a couple of brown paper bags of veggies and fruit and who check up on me on a daily basis, for friends that gently reassure that a change of treatment option will be okay and that the only available practitioner “has a similar energy” to me.   and of course for those special 4 legged, furry friends who simply care!

today, im also very thankful for a radiologist who went an extra mile to explain what he was seeing.  it appears that an old injury, sustained a number of years ago, so long ago that i can’t even remember it, has become somewhat of a weak spot.  my vertebrae in the injured area are oddly shaped and calcified and are extremely susceptible to muscular and ligament injury – which is what has happened this time. the edges of two lumbar vertebrae look rather like a parrots beak instead of having a smooth, squared off edge.  i’d love to show you the films but i’d rather only show myself “naked” to a select few…

i think, but still need a professional opinion, that everything is going to be ok.  im looking forward to taking my “naked” films to get a professional opinion!

and on the “pet therapy” thing…. i’d really love it if you would drop a little thought to my friend the botanical alchemist, whose beautiful Border Collie is showing the kind of persistence that only a dog of that breed can show.  as i’ve seen especially today, showing that you care can be really therapeutic.


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