filling in time

I’ve had a bit of time on my hands lately. Lots of time inside my head to think things over. Some days have been better than others and after the not so good days, I find myself thanking whoever is in charge of such things, that I don’t suffer from depression.  I’ve done a bit of study about depression, have a qualification in Mental Health First Aid and have lost friends to the horrible disease… I just thank my lucky stars I’ve got friends and family who care!  I don’t even mind the ones who pester me about various treatment options….. at least their persistence keeps me chuckling!

So, while I’ve been not so real life active, I’ve been taking advantage of all things “technology”.  I’ve been tweeting, updating on facebook, skype chatting with various friends both local and overseas and all the while, improving my skills on imovie.  All this time at home has not been wasted.  I am planning a really exciting workshop which will encompass all the online skills as well as the really important real life stuff.  I’ve got a handful of friends who are ready and keen to help me by attending a trial of the workshop and after we’ve ironed out any creases, I’ll post some advertising in the hopes of recruiting some keen participants!  Stay tuned!

When I can take time out(!!) from lying flat on my back, I’ve been walking for 20 minutes and taking photos here and there….

so decorative and yum!

signs of chewing by an antechinus? my friend (blogless still) Pamela thinks so…. i’d think rather peter….

and of course I can always watch and dream….


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One Response to filling in time

  1. Jill says:

    so good to hear the positive – seems you have the pacing which is necessary, down to a t – good on you.
    look forward to hearing/seeing how the workshops develops.

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