parallel worlds???

a long time ago, i had a dream about being able to stop the world

since my dream, i’ve found it a handy and sometimes lovely thought that can get me through various moments or hours or even days.

lying here, as i am and have been for 3 weeks now,

jumping off is a fantastical version of my reality.

imagine being able to land here….

and play afternoon tea parties with your very best friend.

or imagine landing at the side of your very favourite river, with the water gently sliding by, soothing your weary soul while you sip on bubbles of the finest champagne under the oldest, wisest gum tree that wouldn’t dare tell your secrets to another soul.

imagine how wonderful it would be to just jump off for a bit….

where would you jump to? and who would you jump with? would you break all “your” rules and live with abandon for just a short time?

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