ticking off tasks…





one class sample completed!

approximately A5 sized fabric, stitch and paper “recipe/food” themed, simple stitch bound journal

the class will be on Saturday 11th July at “Textile Artistry”, Dromana.

email me if you’re interested as the details are not on the shop website yet or come and see me at the art market on the weekend – the journal sample will be there with me!


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6 Responses to ticking off tasks…

  1. enchantedcurious says:


  2. enchantedcurious says:

    Phew. exhale. sleep. drink tea. smile contentedly.

  3. enchantedcurious says:

    me again …..
    have your links all disappeared or is it just mine ?

  4. vanessa says:

    hey gorgeous!

    can you send me any dates or details you have regarding workshops/lessons you’ll be conducting between jul-dec? who knows, i just may be sitting in a class of yours!

    would love to go to this one but would have only finished work 3 days before.

    big hugs

  5. ro bruhn says:

    Wow Samm this journal is just fabulous, it’s even better, if that’s possible, in the flesh. Have a great time at your workshop and good luck with your upcoming venture. It was wonderful to catch up with you again.

  6. Samm work is stunning and good luck on running the workshop.

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