in preparation….

Mandy and I have a market stall coming up.  It’s next weekend….

My levels of anxiety keep varying.  Today they are under control, I am under control! ohm…..

Hence, this morning I have a little time to sit in front of my computer and add some pictures of the pieces that I have been putting together for our stall.

All items, if dyed by me, have been dyed in various “vegetable” dyes – ie eucalypt, onion skins and berries etc and are therefore as non-toxic as possible. In some cases I have chosen a pre-loved piece of clothing with a faded colour.  I have overdyed these items with “vege” dyes.

My introduction to the MAGIC of dyeing with eucalypts came from my friend Pamela Farmer who shared her Good Friday a couple of years ago to show me how she does it.  Pamela’s method is definately not a scientific one – pot o’ boiling leaves, bark and nuts + water + fabric/yarn = varying coloured fabric/yarn!  Since spending that day with Pamela, I have begged, borrowed and stolen (well, not really the last one) every book I can find on the topic of eucalypt dyes and lit many, many fires to cook up my own leaves.  I’m totally and utterly bewitched by the eucalypt and its hidden magic!

Whilst we are on the topic of books referring to eucalypt dyes, I want to once again thank India Flint for her incredibly inspiring and beautiful book “Ecocolour”.  I have read it 3 times from cover to cover now and am sure that there will be many more rereads.  Each time I pick it up, I find a new morsel of really interesting information.  I love it….  and I am SOOOOOO excited to be booked into a workshop with the Botanical Alchemist herself in December!  2009 is the one year that I really want to fly by quickly so that December gets here quicker!

And while thanking others, my felted scarves/wraps/runners are inspired by a technique used by Polly Stirling.  I have never been fortunate enough to do a workshop with Polly but by studying other work inspired by her, and with a couple of little handy hints from my dear friend Pamela, I have figured out my own take on her technique.  I really love the texture and colour I have achieved in the felted pieces.

So now, the photos….. I can’t get the light right to take “full” images of the pieces so all the photos are details only.



P1040376embroidery and cut back detail on cotton top dyed in eucalypt in my iron pot.

fabrics revealed behind the cut back areas are dyed in a variety of vege dyes.


P1040381felted pieces all hanging together.

a blend of nuno, strip and “normal” (for want of a better word!) felting techniques using a blend of hand dyed and commercial dyed wool and hand dyed and commercial dyed fabrics.

P1040383felt scrap brooches – some finished, some not!

so that’s what I’ve been up to….

I’ve still got a bit to do!  I hope to have a journal or two and some collage packs to sell too.  I’ll also be “advertising” my upcoming journal workshop in July.

If you’re around, the market is being held at the Mornington Peninsula Community Theatre,

on the corner of Wilson’s Road and Nepean Hwy, on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of May.

Starts at 9am both days.

Further details available here.


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One Response to in preparation….

  1. ro bruhn says:

    Wow you have been busy Samm, I love the colours in your felt and the inlaid embroideries are divine. I’m going to my grand daughters third birthday party on Sunday, but if I get a chance I might come down on Saturday, not sure what Steve has planned yet. Good luck to you and Mandy, I’m sure you’ll do well.

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