Ena Alix May

Auntie Ena was born May 26, 1906.

One of 6 Allan children, 5 of whom served during WWII, I felt it relevant to start with my favourite Great Aunt as my chosen subject for Ro’s “vintage book” workshop on Saturday, ANZAC Day, 25 April 2009.

There was no way I was ever going to finish the book in the workshop – not with all the chatter, eating and fire sitting that is involved in a workshop at Ro’s….  I gave the cover, binding and first page a bit of a bash though, and have come home and finished another little bit.  This class is the long awaited beginning to finally getting my family history hoardings into some sort of semblance…. a little tweaking here and there and I should pull it all together somehow…… eventually!





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3 Responses to Ena Alix May

  1. vanessa says:

    this is pure artistic gold. auntie ena would be touched i am sure and what a truly magical way to pay tribute to your family. It’s so obvious how much you love and admire them all. so, what do you reckon if i come visit you later in the year and u can introduce me to 1 or 2 of Ro’s workshops? they sound amazing; her house sounds amazing; well dammit, Ro is amazing! as are you in every which way. have missed you!

  2. simone says:

    lovely entry. good to have you back in blog land lovely lady. much love. xxx

  3. ro bruhn says:

    This is looking stunning Sam, you are creating a wonderful family heirloom. I’d love to see it down the track, I won’t say when it’s finished because I think this could be an ongoing project for some time with all the wonderful memorabilia you’ve collected. I’d still like to see it when it’s finished though. I love the way you’ve used your fabulous paper beads too.
    Thanks so much for helping to make the workshop such a great day, it was lovely to catch up with you and Mandy again.

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