life and autumn soup

warning….. u need to stand on your head to look at the photos i’ve uploaded.  wordpress is upside down tonite

it’s autumn.  my absolute favourite season.  still, calm days.  mirror flat water. burnt orange and yellow foliage and spectacular sunsets.

last night i cooked my first brew of yummy warming soup for dinner…..



madras curry powder

garam masala

vege stock

butternut pumpkin

sweet potato


chop all veggies.  fry onion, celery, spices.  add veggie stock to pot.  add chopped veggies.  cover, cook till soft.  stab blend to desired consistency.  serve with a blob of natural yoghurt and a sprinkle of some paprika.  if there’s a boy in the house, fill him up with crusty white bread as an extra!




discharge printed on paper

I’m still working on “sunflower”.  it’s a very slow process and gets slower when life takes over.  i’m in a “way too much going on” phase.  too many thoughts about life, finances, upcoming holidays, upcoming family wedding, bushfires, work, naughty visiting dogs, art extension group homework and weight loss! 

on finances:- the house hunting cycle begins….any hints gratefully accepted

on upcoming holidays:- 2 weeks beginning with my brother’s wedding (see next bit), roadtrip from Peterborough to Halls Gap in the Grampians, to Mildura and Stefano’s restaurant, then east along the Murray river to Echuca for a spot of paddlesteamer spotting and canoeing, then south to Myrtleford to visit with Auntie Trish and Uncle Bruce and finally to Alexandra to leave the caravan for those who need it post-bushfires.

on upcoming family wedding – Stu’s getting married!!! My job for the day is to provide the metre long, Murray Cod shaped pinata as a replacement for a wedding cake….. the artist in me cannot do a dodgy job – the stress levels are starting to escalate….. any help here would be gratefully accepted too!

on bushfires – it just keeps going doesn’t it.  I find it really hard to comprehend that there are still fires burning – people are still suffering.

on work – busy, busy, busy!  

on naughty visiting dogs – no names neccessary!  a very naughty dog that tried to bite my husband (seriously and three times…..) and thinks it’s funny to rip plants to shreds while I’m standing there looking at him……  He is quite funny but needs the wooden spoon…..

on art extension group homework – stitches

mmmm bugger – it’s upside down!!! 

on weight loss – for those who are wondering how that is going……  not a drop of alcohol for 61 days + a healthy balanced diet + regular exercise = approx 10kgs lighter!!!  i’ve still got a long way to go but i feel really healthy and virtuous!

stay safe in tomorrow’s predicted horrible, dangerous bushfire weather.



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6 Responses to life and autumn soup

  1. simone says:

    hello lovely

    i have not seen you for a bit. i was away for my birthday this weekend. i am not sure if i sent you an invite to the art auction.
    i have just been so busy with it all!!

    would love to see you guys there and if you still wanted to donate we are still accepting. if not that is cool also.

    i hope you are both well.


  2. OZKI says:

    hi ya Sam, you are sooooo funny, loved the upside down pics,LOL!! Loved your embroidery. Am really enjoying Pams classes, hope you are well and happy as always.
    Kiwi Cathy

  3. mandy says:

    tell me that naughty dog doesnt start with A……

  4. ro bruhn says:

    Just read your last three posts Samm, I hope you’re spirits have risen, we have had rain and ‘all is well with the world’, or our world for another year. I know the feeling of helplessness but these people affected will need ongoing help, I’m sure down the track there will be much volunteers can do helping people establish new homes and gardens as well as communities. You’re such a gentle, thoughtful soul I’m sure people just appreciate your concerns and wishes.

    By the way, I love your discharge print, this is fantastic, upside down or right way up, it’s a master piece.

    See you soon
    Take care

  5. Jacky says:

    Yumbo…. that soup sounds really delicious! I will definately give that one a whirl (thanks for sharing). Lucky you going to Stephano’s in Mildura. I have watched his program and TV and would love to visit his restaurant.

    I’m with you, Autumn is my most favourite season.

    You have every reason to feel virtuous… 10kg that is fantastic Samm. Keep it up girl…cant wait to see you again.

    Loving the art you have shared. The discharge print is lovely, you are so talented Samm and I love the embroidery. Even though they may be upside down – they are stunning!!!

    Good luck with the house hunting and that naughty doggy.

  6. Jo says:

    Hi Samm, I thought of you the other day when I sent my subscription off to the papermakers!!!
    Loved reading this post. I have felt similar to you about the fires. I’m sure so many people have and still do.
    Great about your fitness, well done.
    Stefanos is amazing, I went about 4 years ago, Stefano actually came out and sat with us briefly at the end of the most spectacular meal. I will never forget it!
    Love the art here Samm…beautiful to see. The embroidery reminds me of some of the heavily embroidered shirts my Aunt sent me from Hungary…just superb. Take care and enjoy the holiday. Jo

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