a walk in the sunshine….

you’ve all read of my dispair in my past couple of posts.  enough now!!

i took miss tilly and myself for a lovely long walk this morning, in our beautiful peninsula sunshine and i feel much improved today!  i want to thank all of you who sent me emails and made supportive comments – the recent fires have certainly highlighted a huge sense of community everywhere.

i’m very excited to be producing a collaborative artpiece with my friend and mentor Pamela.  we both feel strongly about our country and community and after the recent fires feel that a piece of textile art to honour, acknowledge and hopefully heal will be a helpful part of the process of dealing with such a huge event.  i can’t post any pictures yet – only because there aren’t any, but will do so as an ongoing part of the project.  this is such a beautiful thing for me.  i love Pamela’s work.  she has given me so much in so many ways and i feel really honoured and blessed to be working with her on this.  we will be exhibiting the finished piece so that’s even more exciting!


miss tilly

miss tilly


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4 Responses to a walk in the sunshine….

  1. wildnest says:

    Hey Samm
    It is so lovely to read and feel your lifted spirit. The textile artwork sounds wonderful – a creative, expressive, therapeutic journey. can’t wait to see and share as it progresses. What a wonderful way to heal and contribute. How very you.

  2. enchantedcurious says:


  3. Jo says:

    Hi Samm, just read your last few posts…must say I have felt similar. It’s been a shattering experience.
    I have this exhibition starting next week, and last week I was saying how frivilous it all seemed!!!
    I am a bit better now and look forward to something nice happening, so glad to read this “lifted spirit” post of yours…will look forward to seeing the progress of your collaboration…Jo xx

  4. jacky says:

    Hi Samm, so glad to hear you are mending…it has been such a hard time for so many and we have all been feeling a bit flat.
    Your collaborative piece with Pamela sounds wonderful and I cant wait to see it evolve.

    Jacky xox

    p.s. love Tilly, she is so beautiful. (I think you would love our big dog Leroy… will have to post a picture of him soon…such a gentle giant…most of the time!)

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