i find myself mellow and reflective today.  tending towards tears rather than smiles.  with the tv screen constantly showing tragedy and sorrow, my concern for others in affected areas not allowing me to turn away, to seek happier thoughts.

the statistics are terrifying. the fires are like an all consuming monster – whole towns devastated, hundreds of homes gone and many, many lives lost and still they burn on, swallowing our drought stricken state in their wake.


and then there’s todays date.  a year today.


so, so sad.

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4 Responses to sadness

  1. enchantedcurious says:

    lovely Dave….what a time, eh ?
    Thinking of you today –
    muso’s night wed will be a fundraiser – I’m thinking of maybe growing some plants for affected gardeners through the permacrew- but dont know what soils do in the wake of such devastation. Any thoughts ?
    Much love my friend

  2. Kasha says:

    such a sad day for the whole nation, and on the top of that you have a very sad anniversary. I lot a pet before and I know how hard it is, but they always remain in our hearts, no matter what.

  3. wildnest says:

    Oh I can actually feel your sadness and heavy heart and it’s unnerving – you don’t normally exude these emotions. But in light of the tragedy surrounding you and the revisiting of memories of your beautiful furry friend, it’s a day to be sad and reflective. It’s all a reminder of how precious life is. I wish I could give you a huge hug. always xoxoxoxo

  4. misty says:

    i am so sorry dear samm,
    i have tears in my eyes and so much hope in my heart that this will all better somehow soon.

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