a perfect tuesday

i so love spending a day with my friend pamela, breaking all the rules, making a mess and enjoying her yummy fresh vegie garden pickings for lunch.

making art with pamela has a somewhat chaotic feel about it.  there are no rules and if there are, why bother paying attention to them anyway??

photos to follow are the results of a day of rust dyeing. i pulled out heaps of fabric from my stash, including beautiful old linen table cloths and a stunning silk nightie, a really old and warn linen teatowel and some scrappy bits of cotton sheeting.  i’ve hung them on the new fence my hubby and i created over the long, Australia day weekend – we knew the fence would come in handy for something!


sunlit fence

sunlit fence


silk nightie and muslin

silk nightie and muslin


poly something! didn't take the dye nearly as well as the others

poly something! didn't take the dye nearly as well as the others

some perspective for those who know our back yard! how good is the new fence???

some perspective for those who know our back yard! how good is the new fence???


stunning australian colours

stunning australian colours




none of the pieces have been through the wash yet so i assume that the colours may not be quite as vibrant once they have.  for now though, i’m enjoying the colour draped over the fence.

my working week begins today on this 40 degree plus day.  the plan was to start a mosaic “sign” for our garden.  maybe we’ll have to retreat indoors to shelter…


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6 Responses to a perfect tuesday

  1. enchantedcurious says:

    beautiful colours lovely – perfect for Australia Day – week. And what to do with them now ?
    ps nice fence

  2. enchantedcurious says:

    for the image – click on it then copy it – save it and its yours…. does that make sense ?

  3. vanessa says:

    How GORGEOUS!! Love the colours! The sunflower is wonderful – any chance of incorporating it into your stitched sunflower ‘page’? Also, that nightie! Does it fit you? I can imagine you swanning around the house in that! 🙂 Just lurve your backyard!

    Any luck with Misty sending some snow? Had a gutful of this heat – ugh!
    Sending love and sea breezes

  4. Deb says:

    I love dyeing fabrics, and especially this rusty method! Your are lovely …like amber stain glass !

  5. wanda miller says:

    what fun. i love dyeing things too. i was assuming it was wonderfully warm and then you mentioned the degrees. love that fence. alot of things around here on the home front are not their original colors any more :}. thanks for a delightful view. wanda marie

  6. jacky says:

    That battenburg lace “sunflower” looks fantastic Samm! The dyeing….. looooove the colour you have achieved (as someone said…amber glow…just gorgeous).
    Looks like you and Pamela had FUN!

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