spud anyone?


would you look at this….  i couldn’t believe how many potatoes we got from only 6 plants.  this is only half of the bounty that we dug from the garden this morning at work.  the red ones were grown from bits of old potatoes that we just popped in to see what would happen – the crop wasn’t nearly as successful as from the proper nicola seed potatoes that we bought especially.

i just want to sneak in a photo of my beautiful friend digging away in the garden – he worked so hard!


I always feel so relaxed and grounded when i spend time getting my hands dirty, after running my fingers through the soil and sharing gardening stories with my lovely thursday boys!  

After such a beautiful morning, my afternoon turned slightly pear shaped with a rather dramatic escalation of a situation with a client so to be able to return home to the sanctity of my nice quiet, homey space and the rhythmic in and out of my needle and thread was a blessing!

“Sunflower” is slowly taking shape.



i’m listening and loving this while i’m blogging….

and just for fun, and cos i’m discovering new mac things every day….



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2 Responses to spud anyone?

  1. vanessa says:

    Love your Mac transformation – God you look sooooo young, almost childlike. The sunflower piece is looking amazing. Can’t wait to see the next development. You seem up and happy and inspired. I love that about you

  2. Jacky says:

    I’m with you…. Yayyyyy for Obama. Watched and listened to the inaguration ceremony and was awed by the man.

    Your sunflower piece is beautiful Samm (and so are all of the beautiful vegies girl!!!)

    Good luck with the healthy eating, you sound very positive!

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