big mac, a new president and the whole shebang!

its official…. im a convert.  we are now a mac family, completely! ipods, iphones and now this lovely new shiny 20″ screen imac that is typing here for you.  if you look closely im sure you’ll see that my words look much shinier and brighter than before…. don’t they?

only thing is i’m sitting here waiting for my friend the old hand mac chick to provide me with some advice about how the heck i adjust image sizes to post on my blog – or does the mac just do that for you??? it does everything else!  in fact i have found my exploration of this new beast quite overwhelming.  the technology in this baby is WILD!

insert photo here…… soon…..she’s just eating dinner…..

so this morning i woke up early. i’m afraid i wasn’t quite early enough to watch Obama being sworn in, i set my dvd to record that momentous occasion so i can watch later at my leisure.  i jumped out of bed, turned on the telly, grabbed my usual bowl of brekky cereal, a cup of tea and sat down to catch up.  before long i had tears.  not just tears in my eyes but actual tears falling down my face – and i’m an aussie not an american!  i only caught the channel 9, not very long version of his lunch address and then the 3 hour new President of the United States of America and his first lady waiting for the cavalcade (which is about where i came undone) and then a teeny bit of the car moving at snails pace down the street before i, myself had to travel, not at snails pace cos i was already running late, to work.

you know, there were, from that tiny amount of viewing, a couple of standout things for me that will remain FOREVER in my mind.  

firstly – the estimated 2.2 MILLION people gathered at Capitol Hill to listen to their new president being sworn in.  Freezing cold, Washington in winter, the largest crowd since the swearing in of LBJ post the Kennedy assassination – we just have no comprehension of a crowd that large….. 90 thousand at the G on grand final day doesn’t quite cut it does it?

second – when President Obama spoke at that lunch, he meant every single word he uttered.  he spoke with passion and with strong conviction and I truly, truly believed him.  this man is going to make a difference.  and i believe that we’ll feel those differences all the way over here in wonder downunder australia. on my way to work i heard a politician of note here (and i wont mention names) speak about an issue relevant to our local community here in australia – he was reading every word and i doubt he’d even written them – not someone with conviction and definately no passion.  im sorry, but im ALL for passion and an intense interest in what you practice….

and thirdly, the thing that brought me undone, and please excuse my ignorance in regards US history (i’ll do some looking up after i’ve posted this – no, just did some and now i’m really confused…)  President Obama and his wife were standing “inspecting” the troops as they marched by.  One of the “bands” was dressed in red jackets with white sash, white pants and long boots and were wearing the tri-cornered hats, playing what i thought was “Yankee Doodle” on their tin whistles (maybe piccolos???).  i felt like i was witnessing something out of a fairy tale with tin soldiers all lined up in straight lines, marching proudly past their president, who smiled…. he broke into a smile when they marched past and it was beautiful.  then he returned to a serious face after that moment.  can someone who knows please tell me a bit more about the “red” soldiers and “yankee doodle”.  when i wiki’d it the definition is not what i thought it would be.  help please!!!

i don’t think there will be such a moment like this again in my lifetime and i wish the new President godspeed.

ART stuff….

daily practice is happening but it’s still only happening to my “sunflower” piece.  last night i kantha stitched my woven denim. (dinner’s finished, the mac hotline is live…. thank you mandy xo)


i carved a rubber stamp to match the “sunflower” embroidery i’ve stitched and discharge printed in various places on the denim.  I had to wash the bleach out so that was all i had a chance to do last night.  tonight i hope to attach the sunflower to the background and then fill out more of the “picture”.  

so, daily art practice is most definately a part of my routine now but i just haven’t been doing my art journal since the weekend.  



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One Response to big mac, a new president and the whole shebang!

  1. Jo says:

    Hi Samm,
    I got caught uo in the whole thing too…what an amazing event to witness…I was very emotional through out…and wow did I go WOW…when Aretha sang wearing the most awesome hat that I had ever seen!!!
    Love the Kantha stitch, on the denim piece too.

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