simply white

oh i so would have loved to play a bit more with yesterdays theme – white.  i found myself a bit exhausted after a long day of clients.  i’m not complaining, i love them all but man they keep me busy.  i don’t recall actually sitting down till about 3o’clock in the afternoon….

my choice for my journal page was deliberate – white paper, simple sketch.  i need much practice with the 2b pencil on paper…..


imagine too, how i might feel about my bright, cheery husband, regaling me with tales of how he bounded up to MY Mirka in a richmond supermarket yesterday to introduce himself and to have a lovely, animated (you that know him will well understand the term animated in relation to my husband) 20 minute chat to, and how, now, after sleeping upon his thoughts regarding his actions, he is soooooo glad he did it, it was a lifechanging experience, “she is like a female yoda” he tells me…….. IS THERE NOT JUST ONE OF MY SUPERHEROES THAT HE COULD LEAVE FOR ME TO MEET…….ON MY OWN, IN MY OWN TIME??????????

Not to be outdone, my tired brain went to work last night and filled me with the most delicious “pay back” dream.  In short – I was personally introduced to Mirka, I visited Mirka regularly, I shared stories and tea and champagne with her over stories of my friends and hers.  I listened to her sage, if not confusing, dream language advice and then attended artschool at her suggestion and recommendation and returned, an artist, to help her in her gallery…. hmmm, i think i feel better for having dreamt!

breathe and think nice thoughts about EVERYONE today…..


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2 Responses to simply white

  1. enchantedcurious says:


  2. Jo says:

    Great post Samm…I love your sketch.
    Nice way to unwind.
    Hope your well, Joxx

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