green wednesday

what could be greener than spending the day in the veggie garden with clients?


the seven year runner beans and


cucumbers are the most productive in our garden at the moment.


the corn is coming up nicely…. we think they may look so green because of one particular client who likes to spread fertiliser at a great rate of knots….


and our sprawling herb / leafy greens bed is always abundant! there’s a gnome in there somewhere….


i can’t post pictures of my clients because i don’t have their permission, but i can post evidence of their hard morning’s work.

cuttings for our official garden opening – correa, westringia (both australian natives), geranium (actually i think they’re pelagonium) and lavendar.


and with the colour green and all things environmental, i ended up with a somewhat wonky attempt at green in my journal last night….

i transferred, wrote, sketched, caran d’arched, painted with water, painted with acrylic, scraped and scratched, cut and restuck, painted and caran d’arched some more and still ended up with a mess!

one of the good things to come out of this art everyday process for me has been a realisation that not every entry in my journal is ever going to be a masterpiece.  it’s the process….


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3 Responses to green wednesday

  1. enchantedcurious says:

    Ok – now i’m really depressed. My veggies dont look like this. sniff.
    But look – now i feel better. I’m pretty sure i just posted the EXACT same post as you. without even looking.Tuned in baby, tuned in !

  2. Kitty says:

    Now I am really high on seeing your blue sky and your plump vegetables and the dry soil. I can feel the heat and the sun just looking at the photographs.
    Check out the cold picture on my blog it really is the complete opposite to your post.

  3. Jacky says:

    Love your wonky attempt at green… those journal pages really appeal to me.
    Wowze….what a wonderful vegie plot.

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