an orangey kinda day

isn’t it funny how when you’re thinking about a particular colour, it’s all you see…..

this in my journal…..


and these on the streets of melbourne…..


you can see the larger versions here.

i made it to the Rosalie Gascoigne exhibition – it was stunning – will pop an album on my flickr account tomorrow sometime.

tomorrow’s green day….. it’s not easy you know


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4 Responses to an orangey kinda day

  1. Penny says:

    Love the orange!
    Am involved in an “Orange Swap” on Ravelry at the moment (have just given mine, waiting for one in return), it’s an addictive colour. I love it when it’s full of zing.
    When I got started I could find no orange anywhere, then all of a sudden the world was overflowing.
    I have a yellow, green, blue and purple swap to go so I’ll be stopping by for inspiration.

  2. misty says:

    oooh & ahhh, this is lovely!
    your pages do go so very well together! love that! today i brought home a bouquet of orange roses, so sweet and happy, i just had to.


  3. Jacky says:

    Samm the orange poppy heads are beautiful – amazing stuff! This arting every day is fantastic.

    Must check out that exhibition too, thanks for the wonderful images in your mosaic too.

  4. ro bruhn says:

    Fabulous poppy heads Samm and great photos too.

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