room to breathe

in this time of technology, it is vital to remember the important stuff…..

firstly:- i deleted ALL gee’s music off my hard drive to make room for my photos!  before you all go into a serious panic, i really only deleted the stuff we have on cd and i had gee’s blessing to do so!!  we’re in preparation mode…. the new mac arrives sometime next week. OH MY GOODNESS!  soon, he’ll have 320gb of memory to fill up and i’ll have my laptop back! i’m saving for my own new mac laptop, but the business man had to come first.  he’s got wedding photos to sort for newly returned from honeymoon bride and groom….

and secondly:-


i made some home made chai spice yesterday.  i followed a really simple recipe from my new favourite book (well, this week’s favourite anyway!)  it is really yummy…. just the right amount of everything, but maybe i could break the rules a bit and add a bit more aniseed… and some extra nutmeg might be nice!

bindingcoptic binding

i’ve been following along with Misty and her magical carpet ride of practicing art everyday.  I seem to have interpreted the rules my own way, which i seem to do alot…. my friend pamela announced to all and sundry the other day in our extension group that i’m a messy, cattywhompus kinda gal who doesn’t like to follow the rules…. hmmmm. i was the “good” girl at school – i’ve grown up now and make my own rules!  anyway, back to Misty.  there’s been talk of self portraits, and now of colour.  i managed one or two self portraits and am embracing colour with all my embraceability.  here’s some catch up photos…..



i’m pretty sure i’ve posted here before, and proabably recently too, about the “extension” group i’ve been invited to be a part of.  my good friend pamela (who still doesn’t have a website….) is leading us all into a journey from which i hope to never return! we’ve all chosen a theme, mine being “tree” and we are aiming for an exhitibition at the end of this year.  pamela hopes to push and stretch us creatively and extend our practice.  so far, i have enjoyed the meetings and the art work that i have made since beginning on the journey.  I have had dreams about finished pieces, most of which involve a mixture of textile and print media and all seem to have some element of weaving about them.  for once i’m not planning too hard, i’m trying to let the process work itself out.  january being a month of art a day, has definately been a good way to jump start my creative year.


our first gathering was all about basic printmaking techniques.  we carved stamps and printblocks into lino.  i carved two japanese dolls on lino but when i returned home, went about carving leaves and trees.  the above page was the result (still unfinished) of just one of the stamps.


this is another page in my journal.  i was watching a travel documentary and the host was visiting an indiginous sacred site.  the rocks were significant to the local people in that they were believed to be a “gateway” to the spirit world for the ancestors.  i loved that idea and have been loving trying to achieve texture in my painting and especially in rocks.



two journal pages made whilst at Ro’s altered book class on the 5th of January.  these have become a nice place to stick pictures of my large artworks into my journal.


a tri fold in my journal.  a self portrait. i think it needs more work.

stitch1 stitch2 stitch3


our second extension group gathering was all about stitch.  we were supposed to be making a pin cushion….. who needs rules anyway?  this piece is inspired by a piece of textile work in one of my embroidery books which was originally inspired by a bunch of dryandras.  i’m not sure where my piece is headed but it certainly has a botanical / landscape feel about it.  i have mostly been using my hand dyed eucalypt wools for this one and i think i’ll stick to them as my scheme for this weeks “colour” theme back at Misty’s blog.

so, now we’re all caught up.

i’ve been a bit fascinated by this blog of late.  sitting and stitching is, for me an almost meditative process.  i enjoy the slowness of the process and learning new stitches appeals to my constant need to be challenged.  hand stitching is so tactile, the feel of the rough canvas, or soft felt that you stitch into, coupled with the long, thin strands of soft thread adds to the simple “in / out” process of stitch.  my dyed wools are so lovely to sew with, not only because of the feel and the colour but because of the memories associated with the dying process that i so enjoy.  i have recently started to feel like dying another batch but will wait until it’s okay to light a wood fire again.  i’m finding myself hanging out for autumn already!

i think that’s it for now.  i’m off up to town for a day of gallery hopping and lunch with my hubby tomorrow.  first on the list is this… then perhaps a bit of this, and this – (bummer, they’re not reopening till next week!!!), and finally here.  coffee not cake here and then home on melbourne’s finest…. in the 37 degree heat!!!


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3 Responses to room to breathe

  1. ro bruhn says:

    I hope you get your Mac, you’ll love it. What a great post, so much eye candy, your stamp looks great as does your journal. I like the treatment to the coptic binding pic too.

  2. wildnest says:

    Loved. loved, loved this post. It read like a travel documentary – journeying with samm! your artwork is inspirational. it’s so much ‘part’ of your life. and gallery hopping? do you breathe girl? Ahhh but Rosalie – a fave of mine. Bet the ex doesn’t travel west. not much does 😦 tell us all about it when you have time. Luv u xx

  3. enchantedcurious says:

    Hey…. YOU ARE SO BACK. hoorah. and Mac – yipeeeeeeee.

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