words, words, words

it’s been a “heady”, “wordy” day today.  i’ve been sitting all day, planning and writing, thinking and talking. all work related stuff and all in the hopes of giving my working week a bit of organisation.  it’s working, i’ve planned every wednesday between now and the end of march but by the time i get home at the end of the day, i’ve had enough of words!

i heard an author interviewed recently who spoke about his writing technique.  he said that the majority of time, he already had entire stanzas (is that what they are called in novels???) “written” and “edited” in his head before he even sat down to type or write.  i too regularly have that experience, not that i call myself an author by any stretch of the imagination.  it’s weird because until i heard the author interviewed, I thought that i was strange! when i see or hear something inspiring, i “hear” words and sentences and complete paragraphs, over and over, until they are totally edited and i can put them down on paper.  i have written many “stories” this way – none in complete enough a state for publishing but most are definately at a stage that i could use them to expand on for a short story or even, a novel.  i write this because it also happens with my blog posts.  yesterday, while driving to work, thoughts of a friend’s gran popped into my head for some strange reason.  “granny” is probably the oldest person i know, she has a lovely, heavily wrinkled face, one with such knowledge and wisdom that you can’t help but wonder and smile as you imagine the sights she has seen.  as i drove along, my thoughts turned to the cycle of life and to the dying trees in the poor, thirsty landscape alongside the road that i travel to work.  i wondered about granny and about how when it comes time for her to move on to whatever it is that carries us away to our next destination, i’m almost certain she’ll go with a gentle smile on her contented and fulfilled face.  i thought about new years resolutions and how i never bother to make them anymore because by doing so i set myself up for failure. instead this year, i concluded that, i’d rather just promise myself to be happy and live my days as they come.   “everday is beautiful and should be treasured”.   i too want to know that at the end i’m going to be happy and content with my life, with no regrets.   my thoughts returned to the trees that are suffering from this drought.  they’ve been thirsty for some time now and have been showing signs to those who look for them, but are now, quite obviously in distress and are dying at alarming rates.   i imagined a page in my journal, a white / paynes grey background with a photo transfer of a dead tree which is one that i pass regularly – a stark reality but one that will be my next page in my art journal.  and it’s an idea that i can expand on and explore.

eucphoto of river red gums (e.camaldulensis) borrowed from a report written by the csiro

i’d really love to share my daily art with you but because of my lack of hard drive space, i hope that my “wordiness” will help you to imagine what i’m hoping to create!

that’s what i’m really loving about having committed to practising some art daily – i now get to close down my head, close down those left brained things and let my creative side go wild….


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One Response to words, words, words

  1. enchantedcurious says:

    hey you. Have fun with Pamela today ? Looking forward to SEEING the results – and loving your words in the meantime….

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