when your memory is too full….

i have been faithfully practising art for each day of January…..  unfortunately there is absolutely zero room left on my hard drive to even load a single picture to prove it.  every day, when i log on to my trusty little laptop, it tells me i have very little room left and to solve the problem i should just delete the unneccessary files.  yes, well, thats been done, and done, and done and i still have no room.  so, SADLY(???!!!) we have to upgrade….. won’t be long now and we’ll be entering the wonderful world of mac. i can’t wait!

Beautiful Misty set the challenge and for the “lazy” amongst us, accountability is a neccessary evil, until the habit kicks in…. so until such time as i can load photos again, you’ll have to believe that i am actually staying faithful to the practise.  you can also check out other’s art works in this flickr group if you’re interested.

i spent another wonderful day at Ro’s yesterday playing in her altered book workshop.  we made loads of mess and ate lots of glorious food and even came away with some new techniques and a couple of beautiful pages in our books!  you’ll have to believe me – my photos are still in my camera!

this post feels so naked without images…


edited a bit later on…. i can’t tell you how excited i am….. i just worked out how to link an “album” to my sidebar…. something that has been bugging me for quite a while and even made me consider swapping hosts.  i mucked around with html…. YES, html and look…. a new link to my flickr albums at the top of my right hand side bar…. anyone know how to “centre” the text under the image??? woo hoo, i can write in html….. la la la!

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One Response to when your memory is too full….

  1. katie says:

    dear samm,
    i’m SO happy (can you hear me clapping as i jump up and down with delight?!) to hear that you’re making art every day (even if you can’t post right now). what a fun journey through your blog, wonderful paintings, trees, nests, the moon – all such soulful elements of you. keep going, keep going, keep those fingers sticky with gel medium and paint and hands busy creating. sending love and hugs from the soggy pacific northwest.

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