from charcoal to wall

when Mandy calls and says “come on” it usually results in a day of “art play”…..

it’s been a while since we last spent time in a studio together – today was nice and productive for me, with mandy perched (i’m sure most uncomfortably) on a stool due to the lack of anywhere else for her to be amongst my ridiculous mess, cutting paper penises.  i suspect she may have gone a bit wrong on one of the cuts….

anyway, here’s how my day progressed…





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6 Responses to from charcoal to wall

  1. Kitty says:

    What a great nest of eggs, I love them.
    See my blog wood pile, I is not cold! x
    Hope the pen arrives for G

  2. vanessa says:

    Love seeing the progression, as the artwork evolves. your prussian blue will become your signature colour im sur. love the texture you’re achieving too. xx

  3. m says:

    Happy New Year Darling. sending you much love and many toasts to the wonderful year ahead…. just wish i could be planning for another trip there, but love the memories i have from last year….. all of them!!!
    love, m xo

  4. enchantedcurious says:

    ha ha ha hahahahahahahaha, clunk. whoops fell of my stool whilst giggling.

  5. Jacky says:

    Beautiful blue Mandy…. especially love the tree with the eggs. Loving your paintings!!!

  6. ro bruhn says:

    Love your style Samm and the colours are wow, love it.

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