taking a deep breath

boy oh boy…. what a busy weekend!

Gee and I did a great wedding shoot on Saturday. I originally started helping him as an assistant on his wedding jobs but have progressively been taking more and more images each time we go out. Saturday’s wedding saw us taking just as many photos as each other and I’m pretty pleased to say that we’ll be using about half and half for the final “album” of shots that are given to the lovely bride and groom! I can’t publish any photos here – we have a policy that we don’t show any photos until the bride and groom have received their album but I am happy to say that they are really nice shots though and I think Tracey and Lucas will be pleased!

On Saturday night, we had our “friends christmas gathering” which has been an annual event now for a good three or four years. We gathered at Marty’s house, where a long table had been set up at the edge of the vineyard.


As the sun set down over the vines, we ate and drank, laughed and told silly stories.  I love this time of year.  We get together as a group fairly regularly throughout the year, but Christmas time just feels special.

I’ve got a bit of catch up to do ….. I’ve been opening up my 12 days of chrissy pressies but haven’t had time to post pikkies here.  Let’s start at Day 4…..

(nb  for a complete “album” of 12 days photos, follow this link to my flickr page)


Sue made a nice paper angel hanging.  The colours have a lovely vintage feel to them and the angel looks lovely hanging on our tree.  Thanks Sue!


Dawn is our Day 5 artist.  She made us a hand felted heart bookmark and gorgeous collage keyring.  Thanks Dawn.


This little “collage in a tin lid” creation is the work of Celeste (who doesn’t have a blog).  The reverse side of the lid is patined and looks amazing.  The lid has been filled with resin and has a lovely quality to it.  I have hung this one on the tree but it will be hanging in my studio when Christmas is over.  I love it Celeste.

Kasha made us a necklace and beautiful felt pouch.  The colours of the felt pouch are really lovely and the neckpiece is quite exotic!


Jo is the hostess with the mostest…. she hosted this swap and has been so amazingly organised!  I’ve really enjoyed playing and being a member of the Aussie art girls in 2008 and am looking forward to many more creative swaps in the new year.  Below is a pikkie of Jo’s contribution to the swap.  She’s so gorgeous…..


Day nine was my day.  I made 12 little birdie ornaments using recycled kimono fabrics.  I need to acknowledge that the pattern for the birds came from the blog on the spool sewing website.  When I first saw their birds I imagined that they would look gorgeous hanging from a christmas tree so added a button and wire dangle thingie.  I love them and hope that all the girls do too!


Today is day ten…..


Thank you Deb for this beautifully, summery bird notebook.  A very handy thing indeed!!

So that’s me, up to date!  I have one more Christmas work function to attend today and then I can come home and start the final present for our cousin Julia.  A few bits and pieces to wrap and then I’m done….



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One Response to taking a deep breath

  1. simone says:

    thanks for posting the pics. i so wanna do something like that next year. hope my email to you made sense… i think i have been in a state of zombiedom for the past week.

    hope you are well.


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