what’s that on your face???


psst….. it’s me, yeah me.  don’t you recognise me? i’m hiding behind these funny things on my face…..

don’t know how I feel about them just yet.  I know they look nice and all that lovely stuff but gee they feel weird.  I feel like i have to wear them cos I paid a fortune for them and also, they actually let me see stuff!   I feel old and reliant on a piece of equipment to help my body do what it is suppose to do by itself.  Oh well, one session in the studio should fix them up – soon they’ll be looking like everything else I own and wear – covered in gel medium and paint!  Maybe then they’ll feel a bit more normal!


Dear, dear Ruth (who btw may appreciate a little comment on her most recent blog post) sent this lovely creature as our Day 3 christmas swap giftie.  She was sent with the option of addressing her as either a “Creativity Crone” or a “Helpful Hag” so I have placed her in my studio, looking down upon my desk from above to provide assistance in both matters of creativity and cleanliness….. heaven only knows how much i need the help! Thanks Ruth, she’s gorgeous in a witcherly kinda way!

Technology seems to have failed me halfway through this post…. I have been trying, without luck to upload the other photos that I wanted to show you but all I get is a “broken” photo icon in a blank space…. maybe WordPress knows I’m looking at a new home for my blog???? You know when you start looking around for a new car and your old, normally fairly reliable car starts breaking down just when you need it most?  Yep, that’s what’s happening.  Either that or this computer is ready for the bin – do I hear a Mac calling? or perhaps its a simple matter of me having promised myself that I would spend most of the day in my studio and its now 6.19pm and I still haven’t even walked through the studio door……


I really wanted to post the other photos…..bugger!

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