the sound of rain


I’ve woken up this morning feeling really nostalgic.  I think it must be the blustery, rainy weather that does it.  The sound of rain falling gently on the roof and the wind in the nearby trees, at a time of year that should be hot and sunny, has me thinking of lovely childhood memories.  When I blinked away the sleep, and turned on my ipod, the first song in my playlist had me thinking back to long bike rides to friends houses on the weekends where we just did stuff, the ’80’s when brown corduroy’s, skivvy’s and desert boots were all the rage and sunday lunches like the one my brother and I shared way back in winter ’82.   You can see the fire in the foreground where we cooked our sausages, what you can’t see is the tarpauline draped across the clothes line to keep the rain from getting in!  Ahhh, the eighties….. ahh to be a kid again! Ahhh, rainy sundays!

(thank you Misty for sharing the way you use vintage frames for your photos – I used PS Elements vintage frames for this post)

Today is day two of our 12 days swappy thingie (I’m calling it different things deliberately – you all know what I’m talking about!).  Lovely Dot sent the CUTEST angel to my tree!  Look…..


She’s all pudgy and gorgeous!  Welcome little angel, come join the gang!


Last night we went to a “holiday” party at our cousin Julia’s place.  Julia moved here from Austin, Texas in July and it’s with her that my hardworking hubby has been staying during the past weeks (and months!!).  Julia has been so generous in sharing her flat with Gee and refuses to take any money for rent so when I received all my 12 days pressies, I thought I’d collect 12 pressies for Julia so she too could open one a day till the 25th.

Gee and I had a fun time wrapping all twelve…  I’d carved a stamp to make this years cards so we ripped some of the prints up and stuck them to the bottom of the tags.  Gee learnt how to use the heat gun and played around with stamping the numbers then “frying” the embossing powder!  I have so much fun when Gee comes to play in the studio!

The parcels contain a combination of homemade and bought gifties.   I wanted to post a picture of my favourite one and unfortunately, this is the only picture I have….


I took the photo on my iphone, so it’s a bit wobbly and lacking in “colour” but you get the idea.  Its an A5 sized 5 signature, coptic bound journal with my original artwork on both back and front and each of the signatures have hand decorated covers too.  I was so happy with it that I actually had a moment of trouble giving it away!  I almost decided to keep it and to make another but you know when you set out to make something with a person in mind, all your energy and thought goes into that person while you are making the piece?  So the journal truly belongs to Julia – it just wouldn’t be right for me to use it…  and I know she’s going to love it to bits!

In addition to the nostalgic stuff on the ipod this morning, here are a couple of songs that I’m loving listening to right now…. here, here and here.


have a happy 2nd day of christmas everyone…



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One Response to the sound of rain

  1. simone says:

    lovely entry. the photo is just gorgeous (of you and your bro.) – it’s funny because my last blog entry was also a little influenced by nostalgia and family… i even used a childhood photo as well.

    i think we were exceptionally lucky to have grown up in the 80’s. i don’t care what anyone says – i reckon it was a great time… and a time that holds many of my fondest memories.

    so nice reading about you and Gee in the studio together. I only wish C and I had more time to play with the creative stuff together.

    and thanks for sharing your little packaged surprises with the world too.



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